The following are stores about some of the children that we have been able to provide services for. Whether it was an airline ticket for the child and his family or gasoline gift certificates to help with the added expense of driving three times a week back and forth to the hospital for treatments, we know that we played a part in that child's search for a cure. We want every sick child to have a chance for a healthy and happy life.

Missy Melissa ("Missy") was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called "Neuroblastoma". Children's Roads to Recovery, helped with parking coupons, gasoline coupons, as well as food coupons inside the hospital, and train tickets.

Kyralee Kyralee was diagnosed with Leukemia exactly two weeks before her 4th birthday. Children's Roads to Recovery, helped with parking coupons.

Emily Emily is at 21 months of age, was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at one month of age.

Chamara She suffers with Hydrocephalis and Cystic Encephanlomalacia, In addition my baby girl is also an Eplieptic, blind and deaf. 

Aley Alexandra was diagnosed with leukemia

Tyler Tyler has Adrenoleukodystrophy.

Austin Traveling to the hospital every four months now.

Eric Eric was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia.

Taylor Taylor was diagnosed with ALL on 9/26/01.

Tatiana Tatiana has spastic cerebral palsy, extreme prematurity, hydrocephalus, VP Shunt and seizure disorder. 

Miracle Miracle had a massive stroke one year ago. That's when the doctors found out she had an inoperable Brain Tumor.

Cheyenne Cheyenne was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2001.

Jimmy Jimmy is 17 years old and has a rare blood disease.

Max Max was diagnosed with ALL on May 9, 2002

Myles Myles has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

William William (6 years old). Diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma on April 1, 2003.

Kaileigh Kaileigh was born with multiple heart issues.

Mia Mia was diagnosed with A.L.L on 11-1-11

Abigale Abigale is only 5 years old and she has Leukemia

Will Will is 14 just diagnosed with cancer.

Daniel Daniel was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma Cancer.

Joshua Joshua was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Juliana Juliana fights Rhabdomyosarcoma.

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(Dedicated to helping critically ill children)

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When serious illness strikes a child, families suffer financial strain, as well as emotional pain.

Children's Roads To Recovery helps by searching out donations, and in kind gifts that provide parents with transportation, lodging and funding for expenses that inevitably occur when families have a critically ill child.

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